Terms and Conditions

Please, read carefully before making a reservation.


This document's contents present to the clients regarding events at 'Escape the Room, Nicosia, Cyprus'. In case the client refuses to accept the document or revokes the previously established agreement, he/she will not be able to participate in any events taking place at 'Escape the Room, Nicosia, Cyprus'.


When making a payment online or at the store, all prices are inclusive of legally applicable VAT, according to the current VAT legislation. Prices listed on our website can be changed at any time without any notice. Once online bookings are made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a unique reference code. You will also receive a phone call a few days prior to your booking. We will never ask for any financial information, such as your bank account number, credit card numbers, or any other information related with financial data. All online payments when using a credit card pass through a secure Gateway checkout page provided by JCC Payment Systems Ltd or PayPal. When you are about to pay, you will be redirected to the PayPal/ JCC secure Gateway checkout page, enter your payment details and perform the payment and then redirected back to our website to view your order receipt. Once online payment is made, cancellations are not possible; however we are happy to reschedule your booking if you inform us at least 48hours prior to your booking.

The below terms and conditions relate to attending your event and any activities before and after attending the event.



During the event, our staff members are dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants.


The staff does not tolerate drunken or abusive behaviour. People under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed to play the game. The staff have the right to deny the access to the game for this reason, without giving a refund.


It is recommended to arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to starting the actual game, so as to have enough time for instructions regarding the event, your security and your health, as well as preventing any kind of accidents. Clients who will be late will be given instructions and a health and safety briefing in the time they were supposed to spend in the room in order not to delay the following teams. Nobody enters the room without acknowledging these instructions.


To play in our rooms, does not require any protective clothing and/or equipment, however, should such equipment be needed then all essential equipment/protective wear will be provided.


Participants CANNOT wear their jackets and hats once inside the room, neither can take food, backpacks, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, recorders, tablets, pens, pencils, paper, keys and dangerous items or other items (the list is not exhaustive) indicated by the staff inside the room. Those items can be stored in secured places indicated by the staff. 'Escape the Room' is not responsible for any missing belongings.


You are required to let the staff know if you have a medical condition that we should be made aware of. You are not allowed to play if you have heart conditions, hypertension or similar conditions. In the case you are claustrophobic, you should inform our staff and the game can be played with the door open. In the event of an accident, there is a first aid box at the front desk and contact can be made with the emergency services if this is necessary. If you feel uncomfortable during the game, we have an emergency button, feel free to use it, however you are monitored by the staff and they also have the right to stop the game when they see it is needed. If you suffer from any of the above mentioned conditions and still participate, we cannot be held responsible for any medical complications or costs related to it.


Children less than 14 years of age have to be accompanied in the Room by at least one adult.



All damages resulting as a consequence of the client's activity in the room during the game are entirely the responsibility of the client; therefore the damaged items will be repaired / replaced by the client in case they cannot be further used. Participants need to know this is a game where brains need to be used; at no point in time forcing by power or muscle is allowed. Some fixtures are moveable or can be opened, but none of them require manpower to open them. Items that should not be touched will be clearly marked with an 'X' or with stickers and it is prohibited or even dangerous to touch those items. The solutions to the puzzles and codes do NOT involve altering the heating system, the electrical system or the surveillance system.


Anybody caught using mobile phones/cameras or making any type of recordings will be asked to delete any photos, videos, notes etc. made and asked to leave the premises.


The participants have precisely 60 minutes from the time they enter the room. Teams which do not manage to escape within the allocated time will be asked to stop the game by our staff members.



You are liable for any loss or damage which you may cause to our premises. 'Escape the Room' is not liable for any loss or damage which may occur to either your property or person during the event.


'Escape the Room' is the data controller for any personal data you provide to us or that we collect from you when visiting our website or participate to our activities.


Photos and videos may be taken at the end of the event and will be posted on our social meeting pages. They may also be used for marketing purposes. Kindly let us know on the day of the event should you wish for any photos or videos not to be published.


The rooms are monitored with video cameras, for the following purposes: • Allow our staff to intervene during the activity, when necessary; • Allow our staff to trace back any damage to the riddles or the room and consequently contact the responsible person for those damages. Images will not be kept longer that 14 days and are stored in a protected environment.


You participate in the services by 'Escape the Room' on your own responsibility and 'Escape the Room' has no direct control on what happens before, during and after the game and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, personal injuries or property loss arising from or in any way connected to participating in or using the services and/or facilities of 'Escape the Room'.

4.0. Disclaimer

4.1. I, the client, declare that I understand the game's instructions and I will not engage in any action that would mentally or physically harm me or my team mates.

4.2. I, the client, understand no object in the room is meant to be used and/or treated with violence and I declare that any damage to these items that are my direct responsibility will be covered by me.

4.3. I, the client, understand that Escape the Room is a game that is not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from any sort of heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia, epilepsy or other similar conditions; I further declare the decision to participate is my sole responsibility, in spite of this recommendation.

4.4. I, the client, understand the Escape the Room staff can stop the game's progress at any moment in time if they observe instructions in this current document are not respected.

4.5. The copying, distribution, publication or uses of creative concepts belonging to Escape the Room are forbidden. Escape the Room LTD reserves the right to use legal action against the individuals breaking these rules.

4.6. I, the client, understand that Escape the Room LTD reserves the right to receive information such as IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, location and cookie information when making online bookings. Escape the Room LTD uses those data to improve their services, for security purposes and fraud.


We reserve the right to change or update our Terms and Conditions.

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