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Having fun together is incredibly important for employee morale, retention and productivity. Both men and women of all ages are able to participate in our escape games! Our escape rooms aim to improve the following between team members:

1. Communication:
The game creates discussion and requires cooperation in order to succeed, and thus forces communication between employees. This can improve work relationships, bring the group closer, and improve quality of work.

2. Trust:
Team-building increases the trust factor between employees. Team-building activities give leadership the opportunity to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss, which can do miracles for employee confidence. Employees can bond with one another and become more accustomed to each other’s personalities.

3. Thinking out of the box:
Taking a team out of the office environment and exposing them to new experiences will force them to think outside their usual routine. Working together can enhance creativity and new ideas, which can be great abilities to take back to the office

4. Motivation
Team-building and team leadership go together. The more comfortable the employees are to express their ideas and thoughts, the more confident they will grow to be. This will encourage them to take on new challenges.

5. Problem solving
Colleagues have to collaborate to solve problems which can improve their ability to think rationally and strategically. Teams that are able to identify when a problem occurs and work out a solution can then efficiently take charge when a real problem arises.

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